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Located at 452 RT 37 E, Ste 2, Toms River, NJ, Fun Bags Cornhole Lounge is your next go to for some relaxation, competition, and all-around family friendly fun. At our indoor facility you’ll be guaranteed a fun for all ages experience as you kick back and relax over a thrilling game of cornhole. With services offered year-round, rain or shine, there is no better place to host parties, special events, or even an impromptu night out. As the only recreational cornhole facility near Tom River, New Jersey we’re here to cater to everyone young and old, new to the game or veteran players. So, whether you’re looking for a place to network, celebrate, or just try something new, the Fun Bags Cornhole Lounge has you covered.

But what exactly is cornhole? And what are the rules to the game that’s rapidly making its way into picnics, family gatherings, and parties across the nation?

Well, much like the name describes, cornhole is an exciting lawn game where players toss bean bags full of pellets, beans, rice –or yes, even corn— at boards made out of wooden planks. The goal of the game is to get the bean bag to go through the target hole and gather the most points for you or your team. The incline of the board provide a deceptive challenge as players must combine wit and strength to aim, toss, and cheer each other on as they battle to acquire the most points.

If you’re looking to start playing cornhole, the rules are fairly simple. The first thing you have to do is decide how you want to play. Cornhole can be played one on one with competitors facing off head-to-head. If you’re looking for something to do with your friends, or even something the whole family can enjoy, then playing in teams is the way to go. Afterall, there’s no better way to show your family pride than celebrating your shared cornhole victory. So, pick your players and arrange yourselves into equal teams. After that, decide who goes first. Once the order is decided, you’re ready to jump right in.

With the cornhole boards positioned, players will stand facing each other. Equipped with bean bags, players will have to devise a strategy for overcoming the distance and getting their bean bags to reach the target. Each team member will throw, alternating throws until no bean bags remain. After that, the score is calculated, and the winner of the round is determined. Players will then switch sides and toss again, with the winner of the last round going first. This will continue round after round until the first player, or players, reaches 21 points, and a cornhole victor is crowned. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as there’s always the option to up the stakes, and the fun, by calling for a re-match!

While gameplay is simple, there are some rules that have to be followed in order to ensure a clean and fair fight. First of all, players are not permitted to cross the foul line that exists in front of the cornhole boards. This ensures that players are throwing from an adequate distance, while also raising the stakes as you devise a strategy to overcome the gap. While it might be tempting to clear the divide with an overhand toss, rules of the game dictate players must always use an underhand throw when trying to get their beanbags to the opposite board. Lastly, cornhole is all about clean and fair fun. Make sure you’re alternating your throws with the other players and making sure everyone gets their turn. There is no I in team.

The goal is to throw your bean bag into the hole. This counts are three points! After all, cornhole isn’t just a game of skill; it’s a game of strategy. You don’t need to have expert aim, or a golden arm, in order to rack up those points for your team. By landing your bean bag anywhere on the board you’re able to earn yourself one point. With a little bit of skill, some strategy, and most of all, luck, you’ll be on your way to victory in no time! Just make sure you’re not missing the board. Any bean bag that lands on the ground or are knocked off the board will earn you a whopping zero points. So be sure your bags are making their mark. After the round is up, tally your points. Winner gets first throw in the next round. Once a victor is crowned, there’s only one question left:


Is anyone up for another game?


So, when you’re looking for something fun to do, cornhole is the game to play, and Fun Bags Cornhole Lounge is the place to do it! Open year round, our facilities provide the boards, bags, and locale for a great round of cornhole. It isn’t just the game that makes our location a cut above the rest. We offer special events, birthday parties, and networking opportunities. And with easy online booking, you and your party will be well taken care of as you settle in for some great late-night fun. Cornhole is a great social game to be played casually or competitively. A true fun for everyone experience that’s sure to spice up your next late night, weekend, or corporate outing.

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